Royal Family Cards: The Clubs Rule!

The last few weeks have been filled once again with commentary and coverage of yet another wedding in Britain’s Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II was once quoted saying, “Like all best families, we have our share of eccentricities, of impetuous and wayward youngsters, and of family disagreements.” While most would agree that this is true for most large families, the Queen, who has ruled the United Kingdom and its fifteen other Commonwealth realms for over six decades, didn’t happen to mention that the Royal Family also has their fair share of Clubs♣ cards, too. So much so, that over the next 200+ years, the Clubs♣ suit will continue to rule their family and their empire, too.

British SuccessionQueen Elizabeth II, born April 21, 1926, is a King of Clubs♣. How appropriate that the 92-year old Queen is actually a King in Cardology. Maybe this is where she draws her power and strength to govern and for so long. Recently, Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning British monarch on September 9, 2015 when she surpassed the reign of her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. On February 6, 2017, Queen Elizabeth II became the first British monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee, commemorating 65 years on the royal throne.

How fitting that the Queen is a King of Clubs♣, a card well known to have good marriage karma (Four of Hearts 4♥ in Venus) and to thrive in family matters and working with family members (Two of Spades 2♠ in Jupiter and Supporting Karma Card +KC). Certainly, empowering benefits to maintaining a family empire!

Once Queen Elizabeth II leaves the throne, her son, Prince Charles (Six of Clubs 6♣) will rule as King. He will be followed in succession by his son, Prince William (Nine of Clubs 9♣) and then on to his son, Prince George, another Six of Clubs 6♣, just like his grandfather, Prince Charles. It is easy to see that the Clubs♣ rule in this family, and their influence, collectively, will be felt around the world for generations to come.

King of ClubsWhat is the Clubs♣ suit all about? Clubs govern the period of life after childhood when we are sent off to school every day. It is the second season of the year and represents the summertime of life. In Cardology, the Clubs suit represents the mind and mental activities. Clubs people love to read and to learn new things and thrive on conversation and communications in all forms. To a Clubs person, education of some sort is a prerequisite so they may fulfill their responsibility of comprehending and translating the facts of life. They are the detail-oriented people too and will notice and find things that other suits miss.

The Clubs♣ person is here searching for the perfect truth. Clubs people are creative and experience life through talking and learning. As the eternal college students of the deck, Clubs are curious, always thinking, and love to talk, read and teach. The positive Clubs is brilliant and well-informed; the negative Clubs can be a dishonest know-it-all. The negative Clubs person should avoid the temptation to abuse their power through the manipulation of fact, negative arguments and the distortion of knowledge.

The Clubs♣ suits governs education, communications, both written and verbal, our thinking, and information-based activities and jobs. Legal matters are also ruled by Clubs. They do well in occupations that provide them with the opportunity to share their insights and intellectual powers such as journalism, law, teaching, writing, and counseling.

The Clubs♣ suit governs 133 birthdays in the year. Its ruling planets are Mars and Earth. Olney Richmond, Grand Master of the Order of the Magi, stated that “while Mars rules Clubs mainly from the standpoint of action and aggressiveness, Earth rules from the standpoint of selfishness and greed.”

Whether or not your card, or that of someone in your family, is a King or a Clubs♣ card, you will have them somewhere in your life and in your life script. The cards of your life will also show when you may govern or rule over a group of people or when you may encounter someone trying to rule you, too!

The British Royal Family and Their Cards

British Royal Family

In the list below, we see can there are no Hearts cards, 11 Clubs♣ cards, 5 Diamonds, and 3 Spades♠ that make up the cards of the Royal Family of Queen Elizabeth II.  The shaded rows indicate the Queen’s successors.

Royal Family Birthdays and Cards

The number of Clubs is disproportionately greater than average when we look at the number of birthdays each year for the fours suits: Hearts – 52  Clubs♣ – 133  Diamonds – 131  Spades♠ – 49


Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan and Their Cards

Harry and MeghanMany people around the world know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married last month on May 19th. However, most people don’t know that they married on a King of Clubs♣ day, which coincidentally is the same card as Queen Elizabeth II.

Cardology reveals that when you choose a day to get married, you are also choosing the type of marriage you will have, including its personality, its role in life, and even its karma. Having a King of Clubs♣ marriage will offer Harry and Meghan similar benefits offered to the Queen…good marriage karma and working well in partnerships, especially with family members. Because the King of Clubs♣ stands on the Uranus/Uranus stage in the Master Life Script, this royal couple will want march to the beat of their own drum, think outside the royal box, and live life on their own terms, as much as they can within the confines of their positions inside the Royal Family, of course.

Several other cardological “coincidences” are Harry and Meghan are both Nines and that Harry and his brother, Prince William, are both Nine of Clubs♣.

Cardologers Edith Randall and Florence Campbell describe in their book “Sacred Symbols of the Ancients” that the Nine is dedicated to service-anywhere, everywhere, to anyone or to everyone and how it demands “the relinquishment of the self.”  Because of the Nine’s outpouring, it is the most emotional influence to have to deal with. Randall and Campbell explain, “They give more than the rest because they have a greater store and it leaves them more bereft. They have been sent to establish Universal Love and the Brotherhood of Man-and they become more disillusioned.  A Card of Disappointment? Assuredly it is when we chart our lives by personal loves and personal desires. A certain portion of personal love is not denied-but it always brings trouble. 9 represents the Great Desire-but the desire must conform to the inexorable law or result in frustration, sorrow and loss. There is no easy personal pattern for any of the 9’s.”

Nine Keywords for the Nines:

NineHigh side – universal, charitable, giving, compassionate, humanitarian, generous, philanthropic, sympathetic, responsible, forgiving, sage, selfless, tolerant, benevolent, mystical, wise, understanding, creative, intuitive, loving

Low side – fearful, depressed, frustrated, dominating, greedy, negative, unforgiving, smothering, abusive, martyr, intolerant, moody, suicidal, stingy, co-dependent, insensitive, cold-hearted, miserly, prejudiced, resentful, overbearing, ruthless


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(This article appeared in the June 2018 The Cards of Life Newsletter)

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