Mystic Researchers

Olney RichmondInternational Association of Cardology (IAC) is dedicated to continual research and investigation into the ancient mystical and sacred science of Cardology. Members of this directory have dedicated many years of their lives in research to uncover the deeper mysteries underlying the science of the cards. Each one has developed their own study, interpretations, and practice with the cards, in both their esoteric applications and their mundane appearance.


Directory of Mystic Researchers (listed alphabetically) includes the following IAC Members:

Alexander Dunlop, Mystic Researcher:

Information about Alexander, Nine of Hearts, will be available soon.


Gina E. Jones, Mystic Researcher:

Gina E. JonesGina E. Jones (Queen of Diamonds), Founder of the International Association of Cardology and Cardology Community, is dedicated to pulling back the veil to reveal who we really are and what is really playing out on the world’s stage. After digging through the mysteries of life and death, searching through ancient glyphs and numerous codes, and delving into fractals and the Fibonacci spiral, she feels that the hidden secret about humanity and how the world operates will soon to be disclosed.

Majoring in architecture in college and excelling in the disciplines of math and science, Gina has a logical approach to problem solving and is fascinated with how systems are structured and how they operate. As a flight attendant for 28 years, Gina Jones also developed a great curiosity regarding the spiritual kingdom, and how it works in animating our physical world. She would often stare out the airplane window, providing a great view of the seen world, but wondered about the inner workings of the world that was unseen. While writing her award-winning novel, Flying Between Heaven and Earth, she yearned for a deeper understanding of why humanity came to be the way it is, and thus began her further research into the realms of the spiritual, physical and metaphysical.

Despite the amazing findings, over time her curiosity was still not satisfied. Gina continued to search high and low for almost three decades, and finally uncovered some of the great secrets of how our lives are created and have been cleverly hidden, like all great mysteries, in plain sight. Her in-depth study of Cardology™ has now confirmed her theory that our lives, calendars, seasons of the year, and even time itself are all encoded and cleverly connected to the mystical science of playing cards.

Today Gina continues to spend hours each day further researching the structure and intricacies of the playing cards, learning the deeper mysteries in their well-hidden secrets. As a Queen of Diamonds, she is passionate about finding the true value of life and loves sharing what she discovers with other Mystic Researchers in her weekly phone conversations with them.

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Stefan G. Meyer, PhD, Mystic Researcher:

Stefan MeyerStefan G. Meyer, PhD. (Three of Spades♠) is a lifetime student of metaphysics and spirituality. He was an active member of a new-age spiritual group (Eckankar) for over 40 years, began his formal study of the cardology as a candidate for initiation into Robert Camp’s Magi Fellowship, and subsequently mentored informally with Iain McLaren-Owens for several years.

Stefan Meyer thinks of himself as a researcher specializing in design and structure—that is, how the world works, how it operates. He is also interested in using any tools he can find to further that research—whether mathematical, mystical, or psychological. Stefan is fascinated by the dynamics of relationships and how they seem to be determined by card chemistry. He also has a deep urge to find out more about the metaphysical basis of the cards—how and why that they actually work, and to what extent they actually reflect a structure embedded in our physical reality.