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The Cards of Life – Gina E. Jones
Business Description:

Gina E. Jones (Queen of Diamonds Q♦) is the Founder of The Cards of Life, the International Association of Cardology and Cardology Community: The Official International Online Forum for Cardology. She is known as the 'Queen of Cardology'.

Gina has studied the ancient science of playing cards since 2000 and is a Master Cardologer, Certified Magi Counselor, and the author of several books on Cardology.  She has taught over live 100+ classes and offers online courses through The Cards of Life University.

Gina Jones speaks to various groups, expos and organizations and has spoken at Conscious Life Expo, Noetic Sciences, and the Theosophical Society.

The Cards of Life offers people greater insight into themselves, their lives, relationships and personal destiny. Discover Your Cards ~ Your Life ~ Your Destiny!

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 1-800-997-6030
Language(s): English
Your Card is Your Destiny – Beverly Barrett Flintom
Business Description:

Beverly Barrett Flintom (Joker ♥♣♦♠) is the Founder of Your Card is Your Destiny and author of "Who Am I?".

Beverly devotes much of her time to helping others find answers to some of life’s most challenging questions through personalized and thought-provoking cardology readings.

Beverly Barrett's products and services include: Individual, Group, or Home Parties, Birth Card Readings, and Relationship Card Readings. She resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 904-982-8028
Language(s): English
Your Destiny Map – Sally Chavez
Business Description:

Sally Chavez (Nine of Clubs 9♣) is a Cardologer and Life Coach with a Master's Degree in Chinese Medicine. Since age 21, Sally's interest has been related to spirituality, metaphysics, nutrition, health and well-being. She loves to help people in every way possible. Sally is truly a friend at heart and married.

At age 34, Sally received her first Cardology reading "by mistake", while searching the internet for a life coach to help her cousin in Mexico. She called the number and the person who answered the phone happened to be a Cardologer. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he began to give her a reading at no charge. It was magical and later that year she enrolled and took all the classes that were offered.

Sally was recently invited to provide Cardology readings at “ MIA RADIO TV” a Spanish radio/television station and is the host of her own program called “Mistico”, which just launched April 2017.

Sally Chavez provides workshops using Cardology for self-empowerment as well as relationships and understanding the self. Sally also teaches the ancient system of Cardology too. The system has transformed her life and now sees life with different eyes. Her message is to create a greater consciousness that we are all one and Cardology has all that and more.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 818-571-2149
Language(s): Spanish, English


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