Love and Destiny Readings – Paul (Ray of Light)

Love and Destiny Readings – Paul (Ray of Light)
Business Name: Love and Destiny Readings – Paul (Ray of Light)
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Paul (Queen of Diamonds Q♦) has been entwined with the Cards of Destiny for over 20 years. He first became interested in the Cards when he discovered a book on the cards in an old bookstore. This knowledge resonated with him and it has been a part of his life ever since.

Throughout the years, Paul has learned that the cards offer us a great way to understand ourselves and others. Through this understanding we often learn compassion. And through compassion we can learn to forgive, and forgiveness allows us to move beyond the limitations that can hold our spirit back from fulfilling it’s true destiny.

The cards offer us a deep look at ourselves and others. With the knowledge they offer we begin to see the influences that we may encounter throughout our lives that have the potential to affect us, sometimes drastically. By recognizing these influences, and by understanding them, we are much more able to guide ourselves through these periods in the most positive ways that we are able. Thus potentially adverting any negative affects that the influences can carry. Or by taking advantage of the positive affects of the influences and to leverage them into increasing the benefits they can bring us.

The cards truly are amazing. Please check out Paul’s Love and Destiny Readings website for additional information, products and services.

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Listing Title: Love and Destiny Readings – Paul (Ray of Light)

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