Cards of the Crone – Candace Bowdoin

Cards of the Crone – Candace Bowdoin
Business Name: Cards of the Crone – Candace Bowdoin
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Candace Bowdoin (Two of Clubs 2♣) is a lifelong student and teacher of Astrology, Cardology, Numerology and Tarot. She plays her Life and Spirit card hands well in her life game and has much to share and offer others who are either new to their path, those who might be having some questions or difficulties along their way, and to those just seeking some confirmations of what they have already learned.

Candace’s hope is to share the knowledge and wisdom gained through her personal journey so that it may help others avoid needless pain and suffering, and to particularly enable other seekers who have been silenced for whatever reason. She has found many truths hidden within the layers of our reality, and much wisdom has been gained through her research, study, and living the truths that the stars and the cards provide.

Candace Bowdoin does not pretend to have a story of only Love and Light to share in her readings. If you are interested in or are needing such, she is glad to help you find someone with whom you feel comfortable. Yes, we all need a hug at times and Candace more than understands that feeling. While she always look for the light in all charts and readings, there is always darkness that needs to be dealt with and that is what she has been trained/conditioned to deal with. If that is what you need, then Candace can serve you in the best possible way.

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Listing Title: Cards of the Crone – Candace Bowdoin

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