Destiny Card Readings – Mazarine Treyz

Destiny Card Readings – Mazarine Treyz
Business Name: Destiny Card Readings – Mazarine Treyz
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Mazarine Treyz (Eight of Hearts 8♥) is an author, publisher, Cardologer and founder of

In 2000, after reading Robert Lee Camp’s Destiny Cards and Love Cards books, Mazarine wanted to learn more about Cardology. She studied on her own for a few years, then contacted the Magi Fellowship in 2011 and was accepted into their apprenticeship program and trained to perform Transformational Card Readings.

As an Eight of Hearts♥, Mazarine understands “love power” and relationships. She has spent some time researching Chinese and Western Astrology, Tarot, and Cardology, as well as relationship dynamics within dysfunctional families. She asks questions to help people know themselves better.

Because of her Six of Clubs♣ Ruling Card, (aka “the messenger card”), Mazarine feels a mission to get the information about Cardology out into the world, helping more people understand themselves and their relationships. People have called her readings “startlingly accurate” and “illuminating.”

Mazarine’s products and services include: Destiny Card Readings, Relationships and the Cards, and Celebrity Relationships.

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Business Phone Number: (503) 673-3863
Language(s): English

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Listing Title: Destiny Card Readings – Mazarine Treyz

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