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Ancient Science of Cards – Ooi Chin Wah

Ooi Chin Wah (Four of Spades 4♠) is the founder of Ancient Science of Cards, a company which offers the “Cards of Destiny” system. Ooi met his Grand Master, Robert Lee Camp, in 2009. He spent his training as a Certified Magi Counselor in US learning the Cards of Destiny under Robert Lee Camp and since then became an Astro-Card reader and teacher.

Ooi spends his time enriching others and living a life of freedom, traveling and teaching others to improve their lives. He offers nothing but time tested based knowledge and techniques both in the cards and spiritual aspects that touch the lives of others.

Ooi Chin Wah is committed in his mission of sharing the amazing Cards of Destiny and Spiritual principles of Life. He believes that one can achieve great success through increased self awareness and carrying an inner space of possibilities in all dimensions. Ooi lives in Singapore.
6591762505 (Singapore)
Cards of the Crone – Candace Bowdoin

Candace Bowdoin (Two of Clubs 2♣) is a lifelong student and teacher of Astrology, Cardology, Numerology and Tarot. She plays her Life and Spirit card hands well in her life game and has much to share and offer others who are either new to their path, those who might be having some questions or difficulties along their way, and to those just seeking some confirmations of what they have already learned.

Candace's hope is to share the knowledge and wisdom gained through her personal journey so that it may help others avoid needless pain and suffering, and to particularly enable other seekers who have been silenced for whatever reason. She has found many truths hidden within the layers of our reality, and much wisdom has been gained through her research, study, and living the truths that the stars and the cards provide.

Candace Bowdoin does not pretend to have a story of only Love and Light to share in her readings. If you are interested in or are needing such, she is glad to help you find someone with whom you feel comfortable. Yes, we all need a hug at times and Candace more than understands that feeling. While she always look for the light in all charts and readings, there is always darkness that needs to be dealt with and that is what she has been trained/conditioned to deal with. If that is what you need, then Candace can serve you in the best possible way.
Destiny Card Readings – Mazarine Treyz

Mazarine Treyz (Eight of Hearts 8♥) is an author, publisher, Cardologer and founder of

In 2000, after reading Robert Lee Camp’s Destiny Cards and Love Cards books, Mazarine wanted to learn more about Cardology. She studied on her own for a few years, then contacted the Magi Fellowship in 2011 and was accepted into their apprenticeship program and trained to perform Transformational Card Readings.

As an Eight of Hearts♥, Mazarine understands “love power” and relationships. She has spent some time researching Chinese and Western Astrology, Tarot, and Cardology, as well as relationship dynamics within dysfunctional families. She asks questions to help people know themselves better.

Because of her Six of Clubs♣ Ruling Card, (aka “the messenger card”), Mazarine feels a mission to get the information about Cardology out into the world, helping more people understand themselves and their relationships. People have called her readings “startlingly accurate” and “illuminating.”

Mazarine's products and services include: Destiny Card Readings, Relationships and the Cards, and Celebrity Relationships.
(503) 673-3863
Goddess of Destiny – Lisa Osborn

Lisa Osborn (Four of Diamonds 4♦) is an award-winning radio broadcaster and entrepreneur whose passion is to assist people in achieving their goals through gaining a better understanding of themselves and others.

Lisa was first introduced to Cardology in 2006. From that day on, Lisa was hooked and learned all she could about this system that seems to be so accurate in describing a person’s personality based only on the day and month they were born. What Lisa finds most fascinating about Cardology is that the basics of the system can be taught in a few hours, yet a student of the cards can spend an entire lifetime discovering its many mysteries.

Lisa's products and services include: Personal Compass Reports and Goddess of Destiny Birthday Decoder Private Readings.
Karma Seeker – Stefan G. Meyer, PhD

Stefan G. Meyer, PhD (Three of Spades♠) is an author, editor, online publisher, and former college instructor, as well as a practitioner of Cardology, and a lifelong student of metaphysics and spirituality.

Stefan's specialization is personal counseling. His method is more akin to that of a psychologist or therapist, rather than to a psychic reader who relies little on information provided by the client. Stefan’s method is to listen, ask questions, and use his knowledge of the cards to work together with his clients to come up with solutions and strategies that address their issues and problems and meet their desires, needs, and situations. offers Yearly Forecast (Destiny) Readings, Relationship Readings, Solution Readings, Combination Readings, and Printed Reports.
Life Elevated – Alexander Dunlop

Alexander Dunlop (Nine of Hearts 9♥) is an author, Cardologer, Certified Magi Counselor, and Founder of the Center for Spiritual Nutrition and Life Elevated. He was featured in Forbes magazine for his unique coaching practice and named one of 25 Super Hero Coaches nationwide by Coachville USA, a leading life-coaching institute.

Spiritual Nutrition offers numerous products and services including The Opening Deal: Open A Doorway To Your True Life and The Game of Life Self-Study Program: Master The Game of Your Life.
(646) 502-7597
Queen Pauline – Pauline Rogers

Pauline Rogers also known as Queen Pauline is a Six of Hearts 6♥ and has been doing card readings for 18 years. She is available for consultations every day of the week 12:00 noon to 7:00 p.m Eastern.

Pauline is the author of 13 Million Prayers For World Peace and The World Peace Fast. She is a writer, she sings, dances, crochets and is involved in many creative endeavors. Stay tuned for her upcoming website forthcoming.

Pauline can be reached at (267) 225-2332.

Instagram @ i_am_queen_pauline
Twitter @ QueenPauline2.

Pauline resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

(267) 225-2332
English, Arabic
Queen Pauline
The Cards of Life – Gina E. Jones

Gina E. Jones (Queen of Diamonds♦) is the Founder of The Cards of Life, the International Association of Cardology and Cardology Community: The Official International Online Forum for Cardology. She is known as the 'Queen of Cardology'.

Gina has studied the ancient science of playing cards since 2000 and is a Master Cardologer, Certified Magi Counselor, and the author of several books on Cardology.  She has taught over live 100+ classes and offers online courses through The Cards of Life University.

Gina Jones speaks to various groups, expos and organizations and has spoken at the Noetic Sciences and the Theosophical Society.

The Cards of Life offers people greater insight into themselves, their lives, relationships and personal destiny. Discover Your Cards ~ Your Life ~ Your Destiny!
Your Card is Your Destiny – Beverly Barrett Flintom

Beverly Barrett Flintom (Joker ♥♣♦♠) is the Founder of Your Card is Your Destiny and author of "Who Am I?".

Beverly devotes much of her time to helping others find answers to some of life’s most challenging questions through personalized and thought-provoking cardology readings.

Beverly Barrett's products and services include: Individual, Group, or Home Parties, Birth Card Readings, and Relationship Card Readings. She resides in Jacksonville, Florida.
Your Destiny Map – Sally Chavez

Sally Chavez (Nine of Clubs 9♣) is a Cardologer, Life Coach, and Acupuncturist with a Master's Degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Since age 21, Sally's interest has been related to spirituality, metaphysics, nutrition, health and well-being. She loves to help people in every way possible. Sally is truly a friend at heart and married.

At age 34, Sally received her first Cardology reading "by mistake", while searching the internet for a life coach to help her cousin in Mexico. She called the number and the person who answered the phone happened to be a Cardologer. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he began to give her a reading at no charge. It was magical and later that year she enrolled and took all the classes that were offered.

After 8 years, Sally is passionately in love with the system. In her private practice as an acupuncturist, she uses Cardology as a form of psychology to help her understand her patients while at the same time as a form of prognosis or how well a patient is going to react towards a treatment.

Sally was recently invited to provide Cardology readings at “ MIA RADIO TV” a Spanish radio/television station and is the host of her own program called “Mistico”, which just launched April 2017.

Sally Chavez provides workshops using Cardology for self-empowerment as well as relationships and understanding the self. Sally also teaches the ancient system of Cardology too. The system has transformed her life and now sees life with different eyes. Her message is to create a greater consciousness that we are all one and Cardology has all that and more.
Spanish, English


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