International Association of Cardology (IAC) and its new Cardology Community: The Official International Online Forum for Cardology are emerging as a global community where members come together to discuss the ancient mystical Science of the Cards.

Cardology Community homepage

Cardology Community also provides an online platform where experts in the field of Cardology can share their interpretations, knowledge, methods, and research of the science of the cards with others around the world. People from all over the globe can now get together because they love card talk and love Cardology!

By the way, people who are crazy about the cards are nicknamed “Cardiacs” and just can’t stop talking about the cards. Are you a Cardiac too?


International Association of Cardology is proudly built on what the four suits of the playing cards represent:

Hearts: CommunityCommunity
Clubs♣: Knowledge
Diamonds: Values
Spades♠: Integrity

Connect with our community of like-minded members passionate about their knowledge♣ of Cardology and its wisdom. Join us as we continue build on the values and integrity♠ that International Association of Cardology represents to the world.

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