International Association of Cardology

As today’s Order of the Magi, the International Association of Cardology is the most prestigious
organization in advancing cardological education and research, promoting high ethical
standards, and sponsoring the exchange of theories and its applications worldwide.CARDOLOGY

International Association of Cardology (IAC) and its Members:

  • Advocate freedom of thought and speech concerning cardology
  • Develop and promote a professional status for cardology
  • Encourage and promote the science of cardology through lectures, research, teaching, and practice
  • Establish a high standard of professional ethics for legitimate cardologers
  • Focus on eradicating illiteracy and disassociating from those whose work in the name of cardology is misleading to the public
  • Pledge integrity in preserving and disseminating card knowledge
  • Support persons engaged in educational, humanitarian, or scientific efforts, such as authors, lecturers, teachers, or writers on cardology, whose work is beneficial, duly qualified by IAC, and who are not acting willfully against IAC Membership Code of Ethics

International Association of Cardology is built proudly on the foundation of knowledge from the original Order of the Magi and Olney H. Richmond’s The Mystic Test Book and what the four suits of the playing cards represent:

Hearts: Community
Clubs♣: Knowledge
Diamonds: Values
Spades♠: Integrity

Our association and its Cardology Community seek to unify the mystic science which is known by various names including: Ancient Calendar of the Magi, Ancient Science of the Cards, Astro-Cards, Atlantean Cards, Birth Card System, Book of Destiny, Book of Life, Cards of Destiny, Cards of Illumination, Cards of Truth, Card System, Destiny Cards, Egyptian Tarot, Life Cards, Little Book of Destiny, Little Book of Life, Little Book of the Seven Thunders, Love Cards, Magian Cardology, Magi Cards, Metasymbology, Mystic Card Science, Mystic Quadrate System, Mystic Test Book System, Oracle Cards, Personal Time-Map System, Sacred Symbols, Solar Cards, Soulmancing, the original Tarot Cards, Tarotology, The Ancient Book of Time, The Book of Life, The Cards, and The Cards of Life.

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(International Association of Cardology is an independent association NOT connected to any existing business or organization.)

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