Private Classes

The International Association of Cardology offers Private Classes on Cardology available throughout the year from the following IAC Founding Members:

Gina E. JonesGina E. Jones   Enjoy 30-minute cardology classes via phone or Skype. Private classes are designed to help you learn the Cards of Life and understand more about cardology and your own cards at your own pace and level of understanding. You will be amazed at what you’ll discover! (

To order your Private Class, please go to: The Cards of Life Online Store.  You can also call 1-800-997-6030 (Toll Free USA/Canada) or +1-770-217-1828 (International) or email:


Ooi Chin WahOoi Chin Wah   Offers 1-to-1 Personal or Group Coaching. Ooi offers a hands-on experience where you will learn the structure and the mechanics of how Cardology works. Receive guidance and suggestions from Master Ooi when you look at case studies. Experience with exercise in charting your whole life and two years prediction. When it comes to Love and Relationships, he will show what your birthday reveals about you and relationships with others. You’ll learn the secrets of your love life and relationship with others.

Call or email today to make arrangements to schedule your 1-to-1 private classes with Master Ooi Chin Wah in Singapore: Call 6591762505 or email: